Biostrada TEC 7.5

Main data
ModelTEC 7.5
Cleaning path with main broom (mm)2200
Hourly performance (m²/h)32400
Power supplyDiesel

TEC 7.5 - Vacuum sweeper

A very modern and efficient concept assures very high and constant performances during each working phase.

Its great flexibility allows easy and efficient use both in towns and roads as well as large areas such as highways, yards and airports.

The machine offers a very comfortable cabin and easy operation. An effective sprinkling system and a very efficient air flow guarantee a very low fine dusts emission in the atmosphere.
On top of this, the sweeper is equipped with engines that complies with the latest regulation to assure respect for the environment and quiet operations.

TEC 7.5 is equipped at the very best to work in any condition plus, a wide range of accessories, allows to enlarge even further the action field: rear suction hose, front extendible brush and high pressure water system.

Suction Sweeping System

The double sweeping system allows complete sweeping in any condition and both sides of the road.

The Cylindrical main brush, tilts to the right or to the left, and is adjustable to suit any type and condition of the floor.

The brushes speed and pressure can be adjusted from the driving position.

Side brushes are equipped with a special safety device to protect them against shocks.

Suction inlet features a movable flap that can be operated from the drivers position according to the type of debris to be collected.

Quiet Operation

The low noise level has been reached by using sound absorption materials specifically tested to comply with the latest regulations.

Auxiliary Engine

The power of Tec 7.5 is given by the internal combustion engine which develops the power necessary for the suction fan and all the other features of the machine.

The RPM can be adjusted by the operator in order to get great fuel savings, low noise and low emissions.