Biostrada TEC 5.3

Main data
ModelTC 5.3
Cleaning path with main broom (mm)1300
Cleaning path with main and side brooms (mm)2600
Cleaning path with main, side and 3rd brooms (mm)3500
Hourly performance (m²/h)105000
Power supplyDiesel

Mechanical supported by vacuum sweeper

The “mechanical supported by vacuum” collection system is based on brooms conveying the dirt towards the cleaning path in the central area of the machine.

The central cylindrical broom loads it on a mechanical vane elevator by rotating in the opposite direction of the sweeper; the dirt is then unloaded inside the waste container.

The total dust suppression is obtained through the combination of the above system with the depression inside the container generated by a powerful suction fan.
This action ensures the maximum cleaning effect on the entire sweeper cleaning path.

A series of filters located inside the waste container filter the air before releasing it in the atmosphere.

This system allows the collection of bulky material at high sweeping speed as well, and, unlike vacuum sweepers based on the suction system only, the use of water on the brooms is minimized or eliminated completely.

Special PM1O antipollution filter

lt is made of a special microstructure fabric collecting the fine dusts, and allowing the air to penetrate freely inside the filter membrane.
This special feature considerably increases the filter life granting a constant efficiency reducing the manual maintenance operations.

Side brooms

Working on the apposite direction of the sweeper forward movement, they allow an optimum cleaning condition on difficult surfaces.

The operator can perform the adjustment of the pressure from the cabin, reducing the maintenance costs, as well as setting the brooms rotation speed.

Different types of bristles are available.

Third broom

Thanks to its ergonomics and to the long range of action of its arm, both on the right and on the left, it can easily reach any difficult cleaning area.

Different types of bristles are available, as well as the special weeding broom.